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Welcome to our library - here you'll find information on a lot of the music we're performing, along with the music we've already recorded, sheet music, MIDI files, and anything else we can think of to help shed light on the topic...

Celtic Crossover

Celtic Crossover CD Our first CD, with over 60 minutes of music, was a smashing success! Released in December 1997, it sold out its initial run in 8 weeks. Click here for more on the CD.

Along with the intense positive fan response, we've also been very well-received by the press...

It's rare that we receive a CD that is this enjoyable. ... I promise you will love this CD...
   The Renaissance Herald, February 1998

[Highland Sun's arrangements] are clean and precise. ... The members of this group are all fine musicians in their own right who meld together quite well.
   Irish News, March 1998

... their CD is a lively and upbeat foray into Celtic music of the ballad, jig and reel variety. ... [they have a] bright, sunny future ahead of them.
   Dirty Linen Magazine, June/July 1998 (issue #76)

Sampler and CD Preview

Sampler and CD Preview
This is our first recording, done in February 1996. It's a 28 minute cassette with six sampler tracks on the A side, and three full-length tracks on the B side. Many of you have already seen and heard this tape; we took delivery of it the Friday before St Patrick's Day and had sold out completely (100 copies!) by the following Monday. There are also a very few CD copies playing in jukeboxes around the Pasadena area.

This is also the recording that earned us a Top-100 spot in the 1996 Discmakers International Music World Series. Out of a field of over 1,000 bands we placed at 85 with this little gem.
Click here or on the picture for more info on this recording.

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